Nilsson, Jonny Walker“ Swedish Lapland Carved Puukko – Fixed Blade


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Jonny Walker Nilsson Sami Style Reindeer Horn Puukko …

Champion Swedish knife carver Jonny Walker Nilsson’s handmade traditional Full Horn Sami Puukko has matching Reindeer Antler handle and sheath material with Swedish 1770 blade steel. The Sheath and handle are carved intricacy in Sami tradition. The traditional Sami lifestyle depended on reindeer herding, hunting and fishing. This museum quality piece has it all tradition, complexity, artistry and done in original Sami style.

  • Blade: SIS 1770œfeather steel (58-60 HRC) by Gunnar Runo Bergstrom¦ Puukko style¦ both sides engraved: side one with two Sami hunting wolf with spears and the reverse side with a moose dog barking at a moose bull¦
  • Handle: Reindeer Horn¦ scrimshawed¦ full tang construction¦ linen Micarta bolsters
  • Blade Edge Length: 2.25
  • Blade Length: 2.62
  • Overall Length: 6.06
  • Carry: Reindeer Horn Sheath¦ Weight: 5.60 oz.
  • Circa: 1999
  • Carver/Scrimshander: Jonny Walker Nilsson¦ Akkavare, Sweden
  • Engraver (Blade): Per Johansson¦ Hjo, Sweden
  • Maker: Jonny Walker Nilsson Knives – Akkavare, Sweden

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Nilsson, Jonny Walker - Akkavare, Sweden

Mr. Nilsson resides in Swedish Lapland, close to the Arctic Circle. He has been a knifemaker since 1988 and has competed in the horn class with high end collector knives made of engraved reindeer horn. His artistic engravings are inspired by the 10,000-year-old Sami culture in Lapland. He is recognized as a World Class engraver of reindeer antler with matching engraved sheaths.