Ruana Skinner/Smokejumper w/Sheath – Fixed Blade – OKCA 2013 Club Knife


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Ruana (10B) Skinner/Smokejumper Drop Point w/Sheath¦

Oregon Knife Collectors Association 2013 Club Knife¦
Limited Edition¦ #34 of 50 issued

Based on Ruana’s most popular knife, the Ruana Smokejumper (10B) was originally created in the late 1930’s and became a favorite knife for Western Montana’s brave parachuting firefighters that were first on the scene to battle forest fires in rugged and remote mountainous areas. The Smokejumpers would occasionally get hung up in a tree or have their parachute cord tangled during the jump and this compact knife would allow them to cut themselves free. The versatile Smokejumper blade shape has been tested throughout Montana, the United States, and other parts of the world. Its design is all any hunter, outdoor enthusiast, survivalist or anyone requiring an everyday quality cutting tool ever needs. This variation was created for the Oregon Knife Collectors Association is a special edition for Ruana’s 75th year with Elk antler handleœinserts and hammer forged, flat grind carbon steel blade.

  • Blade: hammer forged carbon steel¦ flat grind¦ satin finish¦ Drop Point style¦ OKCA logo and 2013 etch¦
  • Handle: Elk antler inserts¦ hidden tang construction
  • Blade Edge Length: 3.06
  • Blade Length: 3.50
  • Overall/ Length: 6.37
  • Carry: Leather Sheath¦ Weight: 4.96 oz.
  • Circa: 2012¦ #34 of 50 issued
  • Origin: USA¦ Ruana Knife Works, Inc.¦ Bonner, MT

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Ruana Knife Works

In 1938, Rudy Ruana began making knives in a small Montana shop. His family members are still hand-crafting Ruana Knives in the same shop today. Having left the decimated family farm in North Dakota and looking for greener pastures, 1938 found Rudy Ruana in the small community of Bonner, Montana working as a mechanic and welder at a small garage. In order to help his family survive during the post depression era, Ruana began to make a few knives on the side—a skill that originated in the 1920’s when he was a farrier in the cavalry, making his first knives for a couple of Native Americans in need of a better tool for skinning horses. As time passed and the reputation of Ruana’s knives grew, demand became so great that Rudy began making knives full time in 1952, calling his business Ruana Knife Works.