HIT Cutter – Carabiner Carry Knife – Fixed Blade – Sheepsfoot Plain Edge


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DPx HIT Cutter (DPHTX001) Carabiner Carry Knife

This HIT (Handle Inversion Tool) is no longer in production-

DPx HIT (Handle Inversion Tool) features an integrated pivoting blade guard and handle. The carabiner mount and one finger control is intended for emergency responders, climbers, rafters, divers and any other application where an easily accessible, exact control hard use cutting tool is necessary. The locking blade guard means there is no need for a bulky or heavy sheath. It can be carried on a pack, belt loop or lanyard with confidence. A forward push of a finger against the thumb stud releases the guard which snaps back smoothly to become the handle. When not in use, the guard snaps back and locks automatically due to the spring-action DPx design.

  • Overall Length: 5.50
  • Blade Length: 2.00
  • Blade Steel: martensitic CPM S35-VN (61 HRC) … sheepsfoot plain edge
  • Handle Material: martensitic CPM S35-VN
  • Carry: Carabiner Mount, Lanyard … Weight: 2.88 oz.
  • Origin: USA

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DPx Gear

Their knives are not just edged tools, they are designed and built to be hostile environment survival tools.  DPx Gear is designed, tested and used in places like Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Burma, and many other hard, unforgiving places. Adventurer, Robert Young Pelton has applied his 30 years in conflict, wilderness and hard-use environments to bring the cumulative experience to DPx Gear products.