Hammond, Webb – Alaskan Coral Hunter – Fixed Blade – Damascus Plain Edge

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Webb Hammond Handmade Coral Drop Point w/Sheath …

This Drop Point Hunter was handmade by Webb Hammond. The blade is the maker’s Damascus merged with a handle of Alaskan Coral. A Leather Sheath and a display stand of Fossil Walrus cheekbone are included. This one-of-a-kind collector piece is a fully functional hunting knife.

  • Blade: maker’s Damascus (1084 powdered steel and sheetrock screws) – Drop Point
  • Handle: Alaskan Coral – nickel silver guard – Fossil Walrus Ivory spacer
  • Display: stand is Fossil Walrus cheekbone
  • Blade Edge Length: 2.75″
  • Overall Length: 7.62
  • Carry: Leather Sheath – Weight: 6.40 oz.
  • Circa: 2005
  • Maker: Webb Hammond – Seabeck, WA – Currently – Fossil, OR

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Hammond, Webb - Fossil, OR

Webb Hammond is a well known flint-knapper, knifemaker and guide. Currently (2018), he is a fishing guide with an outfitter on the John Day River in Oregon. Webb has taught flint-knapping and is an accomplished knifemaker creating works which combine modern technology with the traditions and materials of the prehistoric past.