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Hen & Rooster (364C-JGB) Bone 4-Blade Congress¦

Dating to the 1800s, the Congress pattern was designed for shaping quill pens and whittling. This four blade Congress has two Sheepsfoot blades, a Coping and Pen blade popular with whittlers and carpenters. This Hen & Rooster Congress has 440 blade steel and Bone handle scales. A nice collector piece or a versatile EDC!

  • Blade: 440 SS¦ mirror polished¦ Sheepsfoot, Coping, Sheepsfoot, Pen blades¦ Hen & Rooster etch
  • Handle: Bone (Moss Green Bone)¦ nickel silver bolsters¦ Hen & Rooster logo inlay¦ nickel silver pins¦ brass liners¦ two backsprings
  • Blade Edge Length: Sheepsfoot: 1.62¦ Coping: 1.25¦ Sheepsfoot: 1.62¦ Pen: 1.25
  • Blade Length: Sheepsfoot: 2.12¦ Coping: 1.87¦ Sheepsfoot: 2.12¦ Pen: 1.87
  • Closed/Handle Length: 3.50
  • Overall/Open Length: 5.62
  • Carry: PocketKnife¦ Weight: 1.92 oz.
  • Origin: Import¦ Frost Cutlery¦ Chattanooga, TN

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Hen & Rooster

Conceived and hand-made in about 1845, the Hen & Rooster® brand had a modest beginning as the notion of Carl Bertram. Mr. Bertram was a well-known owner of a poultry business in Solingen, Germany where he began manufacturing his own line of cutlery. Carl Bertram's company continued manufacturing its fine cutlery under the leadership of several family members for many years. In 1975, the firm was purchased by A.G. Russell of Springdale, Arkansas. In 1983, the firm was liquidated, and the Hen & Rooster trademark and the Bertram name were acquired by James Frost of Frost Cutlery, Chattanooga, Tennessee,. Mr. Frost holds firm to the long-distinguished tradition begun by Mr. Bertram, ensuring the superior craftsmanship of each Hen & Rooster knife. These pocketknives continue to be manufactured by highly skilled craftsman in Solingen, Germany. Through its reputation of excellence, Hen & Rooster® continues carries the title of “World’s Finest Since 1845”.