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BuyKnives.com started as a file system put online in the 1990s by a knife collector that had a retail store selling safes and knives. With the owner’s retirement from another industry (unrelated SIC) the safe and knife store closed and became a knife gallery to support his collector vice of sole authorship knives. 2020 and the “Virus” thing brought many changes including the involuntary closing of the retail shop/knife gallery. 2021 the liquidation of the remainder of the owner’s collection/inventory continues with many items at or below their initial investment.

Some points to consider:

There is a 15.00 fee per order. Transportation costs, insurance, packaging, card processing is paid for by BuyKnives.com. Claims to the delivering carrier for damages or shortages must be initiated by you, the recipient. We currently only ship to continental USA.

Returns for maker/manufacturer defects cannot be accepted by BuyKnives.com and must be returned to the original manufacturer/maker as covered under their warranty guarantees. BuyKnives.com is no longer purchasing new inventory and cannot exchange your purchase. Most manufacturers/makers have updated their “return” policies to directly deal with the buyer/purchaser … better, faster service.

BuyKnives.com only offers/shows pieces on hand for immediate shipment. When an item “sells out” it is no longer visible/offered on the website. Yes, there is a human element involved with the possibility of error, however BuyKnives will not process your payment without first verifying and packing your order.   

We welcome any feedback you may have about our website, products, or other knife related topics. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to having you return in the future.

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